Airbus Operations Ltd.

Organisation profile

Airbus Operations Ltd. is the UK based part of the Airbus Integrated Company a wholly owned subsidiary of European Aeronautic Defence and Space (EADS). Airbus consists of four national entities from the UK, France, Germany and Spain. The history of Airbus has been one of the great industrial success stories of the last 30 years. A broad product range of large civil aircraft has been developed, and Airbus now has approximately 50% of the annual sales market with more than 4,500 aircraft delivered and a backlog of 2,000 orders for approximately 300 customers. Airbus Operations Ltd. is primarily responsible for the design, development, and manufacture of high technology wings for all the Airbus family of aircraft. The company is also responsible for design & supply of the landing gear and fuel systems on all Airbus aircraft, as well product support and spares relating to all these areas.

Airbus Operations Ltd. is based on two sites, employing 13,500 people directly, but the current programme of work being carried out in the UK at present is helping to secure a total over 60,000 jobs in more than 400 companies. The performance of the Airbus wings has made a major contribution to the success of the programme. Airbus Operations Ltd. has a track record of successful selection and integration of new cost effective wing technology. This will remain an essential ingredient to the success of Airbus over the next 30 years. The company will continue to provide support to the development of all future Airbus programmes, including the A350 and A380 commercial airliners, and A400M, a future military transport aircraft. Development of these programmes will help to maintain the status of Airbus and ensure the future of the aerospace industry within Europe. Investment in the development of research and technology is key to the future of the Company and as such Airbus Operations Ltd. is a key player in some of the major research activity in Europe today particularly in the EC Framework Programmes.