Organisation profile

With 3 sites in France and teams in UK (Filton), Germany (Hamburg) & Spain (Madrid), APSYS (300 employees) is a wholly owned subsidiary of EADS since its formation in 1985. APSYS provides RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety) Consultancy, Risk Management and certification services with software tools to the Aeronautic, Space, Transportation, Defence, Energy and Process industries, both in France and worldwide.

Concerning the aeronautical field, APSYS is continuously working with Airbus and other aircraft manufacturers or other major companies providing systems and equipment units for aeronautic applications. Especially, APSYS supports Airbus in the definition of the dependability and safety process that is applied at all levels and particularly at aircraft level. Moreover, APSYS is deeply involved in the certification process for Airbus aircraft programs by daily supporting the Airbus DCS (Designated Certification Specialists) in charge of the building of the certification dossiers for the type certification activities. APSYS specialists are involved in the overall certification process including the exchanges with the authorities. In this context, APSYS participates to all of AIRBUS aircraft programs, during both development and continuing airworthiness phases, from early design to retirement, in Safety / Reliability studies at different levels (aircraft, system and equipment levels).