Organisation profile

Fondazione Bruno Kessler, formerly Istituto Trentino di Cultura, is situated in Trentino, a province in northern Italy governed under a special autonomy statute. The foundation conducts studies in the areas of Information Technology, Materials and Microsystems, Italo-Germanic studies, and Religious sciences. Thanks to a close network of alliances and collaborations, FBK also conducts research in theoretical nuclear physics, networking and telecommunications, and social sciences (studies of public policy effectiveness).

The Center for Scientific and Technological Research (FBK-irst) has been conducting research in the areas of Information Technology, Microsystems, and Physical Chemistry of Surfaces and Interfaces. Today, FBK-irst is an internationally recognized research center with a budget of 20 million EU and employs more than 200 researchers. FBK-irst collaborates with industries, universities, and public and private laboratories in Italy and abroad. The Center's applied and basic research activities aim at resolving real-world problems, driven by the need for technological innovation in society and industry. FBK-irst has participated in several projects funded by the European Commission, including ESACS and ISAAC. Activities in formal methods are carried out by the Embedded Systems Research Unit (ES), whose members have been actively working in the field of formal verification, automated deduction and model checking since 1990.