Organisation profile

As public, scientific and technical establishment with both industrial and commercial responsibilities, ONERA reports to the French Ministry of Defence and enjoys financial independence. It operates more than 1700 people. ONERA conducts research in the disciplines and techniques involved in design of an aircraft or spacecraft: aerodynamics, flight dynamics, energetics, structural strength, materials, optics and laser, acoustics, radar and electromagnetism, electronics, embedded systems, robotics, information processing.

Researchers involved in the MISSA project are based at ONERA Toulouse center located on ISAE Aerospace Technical University campus. These researchers belong to DCSD and DTIM departments of ONERA. They have strong experience in system modelling, safety modelling and analysis, simulation, model checking, formal verification of properties for critical embedded systems. They also have solid background on real avionics due to a strong cooperation with Airbus since many years. They developed formal models and tuned the use of safety assessment tools in the context of the ESACS and ISAAC projects.

In the MISSA project, ONERA will lead WP2 (analysis at aircraft level), contribute to the tasks that enable to correlated two different levels and participate to the application of tools and methodology on case study.