Organisation profile

OFFIS is a state-funded R&D Institute associated with the Department of Computer Science of the University of Oldenburg, FRG. The R&D Division Transportation participating in this project focuses its activities on the development processes of electronic components for safety critical traffic-related systems. It is cooperating with leading companies in the areas of car and car components (BMW, DaimlerChrysler, GM, Peugeot CitroŽn, MECEL), avionics (Alenia, Airbus Germany, Airbus France and Airbus UK, Snecma, Aeorospatiale, Israeli Aircraft Industries) and railway systems (DEUTA, Bombardier, Alcatel). The focus of its R&D activities is on enhancing industry standard modelling tools, in particular on optimising their specification capabilities for real-time and safety-related applications, as well as providing advanced validation technology, such as formal verification and automatic test generation modules. OFFIS has developed a powerful verification environment for the STATEMATE system and demonstrated its applicability in industrial design environments by several industrial case studies. This verification environment has been introduced to the market by I-Logix (now Telelogic). The OFFIS R&D Division Transportation (formerly Safety Critical Systems) has successfully participated in several industrial projects funded by the European commission (FORMAT, SACRES, SafeAir, AIT-WOODES, OMEGA, ESACS, ISAAC) as well as in national industrial projects funded by the BMBF (KORSO, KORSYS, OPRAIL, VERISOFT) and is currently involved in several IST- and GROWTH-projects of the Sixth Framework (EASIS, ARTIST2, InteGRail, Speeds). OFFIS has founded a commercial spin-off, OSC-Embedded Systems AG (now BTC Embedded Systems AG), providing marketing channels for R&D developments, and offering consultancy services, demonstrating the commitment of OFFIS for exploitation of R&D project results.