University of York

Organisation profile

Since its foundation in the 1960s, the University of York (UoY) has developed a record of excellence in both teaching and research, and attracts staff and students from all over the world. Within the University, the Dept. of Computer Science (DoCS) has a strong research record and was awarded the highest possible 6* grade by the UK Higher Education Funding Council in 2003.

MISSA project will be supported by the High Integrity Systems Engineering (HISE) group of the Department. The group is probably the largest academic research centre in the world focusing on high-integrity systems, particularly real-time safety-critical systems. The work of the group spans from risk and hazard analysis and requirements engineering, through design methods and formal methods, to safety analysis and safety cases.

In MISSA project the UoY is focusing on the methodological aspects of system architecture level modelling and safety assessment (WP4). The second focal area is development of a safety case framework that brings individual analyses together with the argument concerning the adequacy and limitations of the assessment methods, tools and individual models (WP6). The overall framework will be consistent with the fundamental safety engineering approaches of civil aerospace in general and principles of ARP-4754 and ARP-4761 in particular.

UoY team is lead by Dr Tim Kelly (Senior Lecturer) and comprises of Mr Oleg Lisagor (Research Associate) and Linling Sun (Doctoral Student). Occasional support will be sought from various members of HISE group including Professor John McDermid.